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An Interactive, Inductive Approach to Learning Koine Greek

If you’re a student or teacher of Koine Greek, you may have found yourself or those you instruct struggling to grasp the elements of the language. There are new terms, declensions, and conjugations to memorize before good translation and exegesis work can take place. Many of us struggle with traditional instruction methods that encourage rote memorization.

The good news? We no longer have to.

Today, GlossaHouse is pleased to release Volume One of our new Koine Immersion Series, a series designed to help you learn, enjoy, and become more comfortable with the Greek language. In this first volume, Dr. Stephen Reasor, professor of Biblical Greek at Burman University, guides students through the beginning elements of the Greek language via the inductive approach.

"The Inductive Approach" or "The Communicative Approach" introduces students to language learning in an interactive, fun, semi-immersive, and embodied way. It draws on the best insights from linguistic theory and language pedagogy to both bring the language to life and bring life to the language. The Koine Immersion series will have students listening to, speaking, reading, writing, and “watching” the language. The electronic format of this resource allows students to take short assessments along the way and receive instant feedback.

In this first volume, students will learn:

-the alphabet

-letter sounds

-letter combinations



-common greetings

-simple conversational elements

Our goal with this series is to help you or those you instruct learn Koine Greek in a way that is enjoyable and retainable. Dr. Reasor explains more in the video below.

To celebrate the release, we’re offering this volume for $8.99 (30% off the regular price). Additionally, Dr. Reasor, will host a zoom session* to answer any questions you may have about the content in this volume (or Koine Greek, in general). The zoom session will be limited to the first 25 people who purchase this volume, so we encourage you to buy now!

Click here to purchase the Mac Platform edition, and click here to purchase the PC Platform edition.

To your studies!

*Two zoom sessions, June 17 at 4pm EDT and June 19 at 11am EDT, will be hosted to accommodate schedules (we’ll ask you to attend only one, please).

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