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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

A new semester is upon us! Whether you’re teaching, studying, or both, a new semester ushers in fresh energy, new faces, and exciting work in language studies. But, let’s be real. Sometimes, teaching and studying other languages can also bring overwhelm. Will I be able to master this new language? Will I be able to teach it adequately? What if I can’t pull it off this semester?

At GlossaHouse, we know language acquisition is both exciting and taxing. You’re doing the hard work. But, maybe we can make that hard work just a little easier.

With this in mind, we recently partnered with Andrew and Bethany Case. They’re two biblical scholars, linguists, and missionaries faithfully fulfilling their calling to teach biblical Hebrew. Andrew and Bethany are creating high-quality videos to help you or your students start to experience and internalize Biblical Hebrew as a living language. In addition to their videos, they’re also creating a series of free illustrated Hebrew readers (as PDFs) to help students gain literacy and fluency in their reading.

Andrew and Bethany have generously made their material available to you, the GlossaHouse tribe, and we’ll be rolling it out bit by bit over the next several months.

To view Lesson One’s video, click here.

We hope you benefit from their hard work, generosity, and this partnership. If you would like to support the work of Andrew and Bethany Case, you can sign up to be a prayer partner or give financially by visiting their website at

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