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GlossaHouse and Picture Hebrew Join Forces

GlossaHouse is pleased to announce that, as of October 2019, it has joined forces with the folks at Picture Hebrew. Having forged a relationship nearly two years ago, Michael Halcomb (of GH) and Jesse Scheumann (of PH) realized that they shared the same deep interests in linguistics, language pedagogy, and resource creation.

After much discussion and ideation, they decided that more could be accomplished working together than apart. Thus, Jesse joined the GH team. He, along with Dr. Travis West, will continue creating innovative resources and will serve on the GH editorial team, giving special attention to the HA'ARETS product line.

From the start, GlossaHouse has been committed to creating "Innovative, Affordable, and Accessible" language resources for the global community. Jesse shares that vision. He is currently completing a PhD at the University of the Free State and serving as Assistant Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies at Sattler College. Jesse brings a lineup of resources to GH, a host of connections, and a storehouse of creativity. The folks at GH not only want to tap into that, they want to see it maximized.

With this new team in place, GH and PH customers can expect more cutting-edge, top-notch, language-driven resources in the months and years to come.

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