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Most of us in the GlossaHouse tribe are more likely to study the etymology of the word epidemiology rather than the science behind it. So, it's likely not many of us saw COVID-19 coming. Yet, it came. And, it brought with it many challenges for us as individuals and as communities, as you all well know.

Yet, amid these trying times, we've been encouraged by the many acts of kindness demonstrated around us. In our own small communities, we've seen people volunteer to deliver groceries to seniors, children write thank you notes to mail carriers (and mail carriers write back to those same children!), and neighbors check in on each other—all while maintaining proper social distancing, of course.

We've also seen organizations—large and small alike—use innovation and generosity to help make this time a little less painful. Hotels are providing free lodging for medical personnel afraid to go home to their families, churches are stocking their local food pantries, and communities are hosting vehicle parades to celebrate birthdays, commemorate holidays, and stand in solidarity with those who mourn.

Our own GlossaHouse team was thankful to give away nearly $10,000 in free product. To those of you who shared our give-away with your friends and colleagues: thank you! You cast our giving net a little bit wider. To our authors, artists, editors, and other contributors: you all are the absolute finest. What other publishing house gets to serve with such generous, open-hearted people? We are honored to have joined you all in doing a "little bit of good" right where we are.

When we emerge from this somber season, we will share a legacy of human kindness. We will shake each other's hands, give each other high fives and fist pumps, and share our thoughts over coffee in the same room, breathing the same air. Until then, friends, we would love to hear your stories. What good deeds are you witnessing?

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