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The Hard Kingdom Work of Original Language Exegesis

Several of us completed Greek and Hebrew studies in our undergraduate degrees, seminary work, or doctoral studies with the goal of coming to know the God of these texts in a deeper and more meaningful way. We may have hoped to share insights garnered from original language study with those around us in an ecclesial, academic, evangelistic, or home setting for the purpose of changing lives and advancing the Kingdom.

Often, though, we graduate, find full-time jobs, begin families, and find ourselves busier than we'd like. Responsibilities crowd out deep study and engaging with the Greek or Hebrew can feel overwhelming (how quickly all those conjugations we once had memorized slip away!).

We get it.

That's why we work to develop resources that will help ease you back into the Greek and Hebrew texts. One such tool we developed is In Their Own Words. This resource takes three New Testament books (Mark, Romans, and 1 John) and provides you with:

-a brief introduction to each book with a focus on original language exegesis -a concise Greek-English lexicon -Koine Greek paradigm charts -helpful paragraph divisions -Old Testament texts formatted in bold type for quick recognition -short lists of recommended resources for further study

The goal of this resource is to grow your competencies in the work of original language exegesis for the purpose of knowing and sharing the God of these texts with the people around you.

Normally, we sell this resource for $19.99, but, for the next two weeks, it will be on sale for $14.99. We invite you to place your order here and get started on the hard kingdom work of original language exegesis today.

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