This Answer Key & Guide supplements the Workbook of Koine Greek Grammar: A Beginning-Intermediate Exegetical and Pragmatic Handbook. The Workbook provides extensive exercises (Overview, Vocabulary, Review, Focus, Sentences, and Reading). Exercises are drawn from the Greek New Testament and the Septuagint. This Answer Key & Guide provides answers for the Review, Focus, Sentence, and Reading exercises along with further guidance for more difficult exercises. It also includes the full appendices of paradigms from Koine Greek Grammar as well as a Vocabulary of Words Occurring 20 Times or More in the Greek New Testament.

Answer Key & Guide for Koine Greek Grammar

  • The Answer Key & Guide for Koine Greek Grammar and its accompanying Workbook have been in the making for decades. For a sample of Chapter 6 and the Workbook and Answer Key & Guide, go HERE. To purchase the audio companion files click HERE.

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