The Apostolic Fathers Greek Reader (AFGR) series helps students to read non-biblical Koine Greek. This volume offers the complete Greek text of the Apostolic Fathers. Words occurring less than 30 times in the Greek New Testament are given in footnotes and a gloss lexicon of words occurring 13 times or less in the Greek New Testament is provided. The vocabulary provided will help students quickly read the text and focus on its syntax. Including also introductions and a select bibliography for each Apostolic Greek text, readers will be oriented to the context of what they are reading. In addition, readers will learn about the piety and theology of these early Christian texts. With these introductions, bibliographies, and annotations of the least familiar Greek words, this complete edition of the AFGR volumes is an ideal resource for students of early Christianity working to advance their ability to translate Koine Greek and their understanding of early Christianity.

Apostolic Fathers Greek Reader—The Complete Edition (hardback)

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