Dear Student: Some Things You Should Know

“Dear Student” is a compilation of letters written from a professor to anonymous students that covers a variety of different issues they face, yet written pointedly from a professor’s perspective. From the beginning of the semester to the end of the semester, from interacting with professors to dealing with procrastination, from following instructions to taking the feedback from professors in stride—it’s all addressed. A short section treats what it’s like to be a female minister who teaches in the field of Biblical Studies.Whether you are a professor, an administrator, a parent, a student, a former student, or a future student, this book was written with you in mind.


by Alaine Thomson Buchanan

Dear Student: Some Things You Should Know

  • Alaine Thomson Buchanan (PhD) is a follower of Jesus, an advocate, an ordained minister, an adjunct professor, an active duty military spouse, and a mom. She has taught Bible, Biblical Interpretation, Hermeneutics and Biblical Theology at the undergraduate through doctoral levels for different colleges, universities, and seminaries located throughout the United States.

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