Entering Genesis, Encountering God

When we enter into Scripture, especially via prayer, we should expect to encounter God. Scripture is not merely something to be examined academically—although that has its rightful place. Instead, it is meant to be lived in and it is meant to live in us. Thankfully, we have the practice of lectio divina to help with both. The phrase lectio divina is a Latin one, which means something like “Divine Conversation” or, more simply, “Conversing with God.” This book—Entering Genesis, Encountering God—is written in the tradition of lectio divina. It encourages readers to enter Genesis in a new-old way with the expectation of encountering God there.

Entering Genesis, Encountering God

  • T. Michael W. Halcomb, Ph.D. (Asbury Theological Seminary) is the author of more than a dozen books and is a respected speaker, scholar, and educator. He currently lives in O’ahu, HI, where he serves as a Professor of Biblical Studies & Languages and a Lead Pastor. He is also the Co-Founder of GlossaHouse and Founder of Graphē Institute.

  • "With beautiful creativity, Halcomb offers a guided engagement with Genesis. His approach is grounded in Ignatian spirituality and the style of Jewish midrash. Halcomb navigates biblical scholarship with spiritual vigor, letting the text come alive from a fresh and bold perspective. His work crafts a bridge from informative to transformative ways of reading. I look forward to introducing my students to this powerful encounter with the book of Genesis!" 

    Jennifer M. Matheny, Assistant Professor of Old Testament (Nazarene Theological Seminary) 


    "If you have ever studied Genesis in an academic way, then you know the long term effect it has upon your enjoying the Word of God within the book of Genesis. Michael Halcomb’s Entering Genesis, Encountering God invites the reader to handle the text in community and in conversation with Moses. Halcomb rightly reminds Christian readers that the Hebrew Old Testament invites readers to enter the story as though it is their story and happening again. Such a handling of Genesis  is much needed in the academic milieu of biblical academics.” 

    Dr. Mario Melendez, Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Studies (Oklahoma Baptist University)


    “As someone who has often found the practice of lectio divina to be more of a struggle against distraction and boredom than a refreshing encounter with Scripture, I was somewhat skeptical at first. But that changed as soon as I began reading! I am thoroughly impressed with this book! The imagery Halcomb uses, while artistically imaginative, is rooted in solid Genesis scholarship. He weaves together exegesis and meditation in a way that not only helps the reader grasp the big picture of Genesis, but also helps them encounter God via inspired Scripture in a fresh and soul-stirring way."

    JM Smith (M.Div, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), Founder & Lead Bible Teacher at Disciple Dojo ministries (www.DiscipleDojo.org)

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