Entreprenuerial Church Planting—Audio Files

“This is a must-read for the people of God, the pastor and the laity,..." says David A. Bosch, Ph.D., CPA, Associate Professor and Business Program Coordinator at Boyce: The College at Southern Seminary.


Now, you can listen to these beautifully produced audio files by SoundHill Studios read by Matthew Penny.


Church planters generally are optimistic and enthusiastic about church planting for this generation. Many are launching or about to experiment with innovative approaches to plant churches that engage the marketplace. They are applying missional perspectives to reach this large mission field. This book documents and explores these innovative approaches to church planting. The various authors describe how entrepreneurs are now finding where people are already gathering (or would gather) in the marketplace such that these businesses create a venue for a church. The goal of this volume is to encourage church planters to explore creative church planting approaches by engaging their faith in the marketplace.

Entreprenuerial Church Planting—Audio Files

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