Studying Scripture is not just for pastors or teachers; it's for all of God’s people. This is an honor, a privilege, and a humble service for the whole world. This book presents three levels of study for lay persons, pastors, and postgraduate students. In essence this book offers a summary of foundational issues followed by “best interpretive practices” across twelve essential areas of study such as contextual location, grammatical study, lexical research, historical context, scriptural correlations (intertextuality), and presentation brainstorm. Hermeneutically, this work utilizes three most fruitful streams of biblical interpretation: traditional historical-critical exegesis, transmodern socio-rhetorical investigation, and classical inductive biblical study. Throughout, readers will find hundreds of charts, illustrations, examples, and in-text exercises that will inform, guide, and provoke careful study of God’s Word.

In Step with God's Word: Interpreting the New Testament with God's People

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