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Audio companion files, read by T. Michael W. Halcomb, for chapters 1-15 of Fredrick J. Long's "Koine Greek Grammar." Purchase these and then access and/or download them online. When you do purchase these files, at about .75 cents per chapter, you will get:

1. Audio files for the vocabulary words in chapters 1-15 of KGG;
2. Precise pronunciation of the letters and words;
3. Precise stressing of the Greek accent marks;
4. The ability to store these on any device that plays mp3 files;
5. The ability to listen to audio while reading your book (or not!); and,
6. The ability to listen to audio while using flashcards or other study aids.

Koine Greek Grammar - Audio

  • NOTE: These files are sold at $4.99 but are really $8.99. Thus, you will pay the additional $4 at checkout under the shipping headline.