Messiah ben Joseph

Messiah ben Joseph is an exegetical study of the Joseph oracle recorded in Genesis 49:22-26. This volume suggests the oracle could be a typological indicator supporting both the Jewish and the Christian tradition that Joseph pointed forward to a future eschatological “Joseph.” Within the Christian context, Joseph foreshadows the Messianic agenda at the first coming—he came to suffer and die to be this world’s Savior. Within the Jewish context, however, the oracle became the seed for the eschatological Messiah ben Joseph—an additional Messianic eschatological figure. This monograph explores how both Jewish and Christian faith communities recognize the typological aspect of the Joseph narrative and how they interpret the Messianic aspect differently to fit within their respective religious frameworks.

Messiah ben Joseph

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  • Jan A. Sigvartsen is a Dozent of Old Testament at Theologische Hochschule Friedensau, Germany.  He undertook his PhD in Religion at Andrews University, USA and was also a Visiting Research Fellow at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.  His areas of specialization are Old Testament Exegesis and Theology, Early Judaism, and Archaeology.

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