Symphony of Scriptures

Acts 10:1–15:35 is a central section in the Book of Acts focusing mainly on a major development in the early Christian movement—namely the reception of Gentile Christians in the church. Undoubtedly, a vital aspect of the process is the use of Scripture. The Holy Scriptures of Israel play a crucial role in framing the dilemmas and offering solutions. The challenge lies not so much in identifying the right words, phrases, narratives, themes, or books of the Old Testament that are evoked in Acts but much rather in defining patterns of textual correlations. To this effect Barta applies French literary theorist Gérard Genette’s map of transtextuality to enumerate in order to group and to evaluate patterns of intertextual connections in Acts 10:1–15:35.

Symphony of Scriptures

  • Dr. Zsolt Barta (PhD, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest) is college associate professor and head of department at Pápa Reformed Theological Seminary in Hungary. He also serves as a minister in a parish of the Reformed Church in Hungary. He has developed an interest in how the Church and the wider world are inspired, impacted and guided by Scripture. Currently, he is working on a commentary for preachers on the Gospel of Luke and a prayer book for public worship.

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