One of the critical challenges in teaching biblical and pseudepigraphical literature is how to help students become aware of their own interpretive biases. Often such self-awareness is difficult to achieve as students raised in biblically based religious traditions feel themselves to be thoroughly familiar with the text since they have heard countless sermons and teachings on the Bible. The Uncovering Theologies in Genesis project is a creative exploration of the process of interpretation. It is an invitation, as much to instructors as to students, to think and teach creatively, to wrestle with the details and nuance of the text, and to "trouble" interpretations. The possible uses and applications are limited only by your imagination. Guided by the author's own illustrations, readers are encouraged to wrestle with their own conceptualization and depiction of the passages of Genesis in order to explore underlying theologies.

Uncovering Theologies in Genesis: Exploring Deep Structures of Interpretation

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